What we know

  • Every industry has its own unique barriers to engagement.
  • Where competition is intense, brands risk being seen as commodities.
  • Most brands like to play it safe—which also makes them difficult to tell apart.


The game plan

Let’s face it: most brands might as well be called “blands.” And especially in highly regulated industries like healthcare, law, and finance—even the big players can melt under the spotlight. Maybe in their souls, they know that platitudes won’t get them far. But bold, emotional claims are risky—definitely not for the faint of heart. And that’s exactly why they work.

Tap into something that can’t be replicated—the heart of your brand.

Even in the driest, most technical organizations, there are people there working behind the scenes with passion and purpose. Talk to any of these people, and they don’t need to glance at the sellsheet to tell you what’s important about their company and the work they do. Tap into this energy, and use it to fuel your messaging. This will allow you to make bold, emotionally resonant claims—that are nonetheless grounded in fact.

Your booth is not a 1:1 facsimile of your website or brochure.

Booth environments are unique in that they span 3 dimensions. As a marketer, this gives you the rare opportunity to transport your audience into a captivating, holistic experience—one that harmoniously blends the verbal, visual, and tactile elements of your brand, and adds up to something greater than the sum of its parts.

This requires far more thought than purchasing a space and fanning out some brochures—or slapping your tagline and some graphics on a wall. And it goes far deeper than the use of attention-grabbing LED displays, interactive elements, and other gimmicks. While panache is a necessary part of every successful exhibit, it’s rendered meaningless without a taproot that directly connects to the heart of your brand.

Work with—not against the will of the crowd.

Layout and traffic flow, peak times, symposia locations and schedules—just a few considerations every brand must take into account when forming their booth strategy. And while it’s a romantic notion, most delegates aren’t going to hang around your booth just because they like you. There will be many other brands, people, and events vying for their attention. So quite simply, if you can’t beat ‘em—join ‘em. Or at least, don’t waste your energy trying to fight ‘em. Wooing the attention of your beloved is partly about what you offer, and partly about opportunity cost—what are you asking them to give up in order to visit you? Never forget this.


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