What we know

  • Congresses take a ton of preparation, and that usually means hiring and managing several different vendors.
  • Highly-regulated industries have their own rules—and they’re not always straightforward to navigate.

The game plan

Congress or tradeshow participation can be a messy affair. Everything—from the planning and the prep, to the days of the actual show, and the oft-overlooked follow-up—requires forethought and careful attention. And if your brand operates within a highly-regulated environment like healthcare, finance, or law—those preparations can be a tremendous headache for your team—and expensive to boot.

Find vendors who are equipped to do more.

Booths need to be designed, built, and installed. But there also needs to be messaging sitting on top of it all to make it persuasive. It should also fit within a larger communications plan. This is may sound like a lot for you to manage, but a good exhibit partner will be able to manage the entire process for you, end-to-end—saving you time, and often money, in the process. Meaning one point of contact to help you accomplish your business objectives—and less chance for miscommunication or blame-shifting among unrelated vendors.

 Experience makes a difference.

Did you know that, in the US, healthcare booths must keep “medical” information completely separate from any “promotional” materials or signage? Does your booth design vendor know that? How about the builder they’ve contracted to do the work?

Experience isn’t always about soft skills or best-practices. Sometimes, it can literally mean the difference between a successful show, and a legal quagmire. Don’t cut corners when it comes to an investment of this size. Work with a team that knows the ropes, and you’ll be glad you did.


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