Virtual Solutions


Out of the Ordinary

Move beyond the basics and deliver a more powerful and personalized digital experience for your next congress, conference, or meeting. We specialize in producing and managing highly-creative, customized platforms that perform—designed to connect audiences around the world, boost engagement, and evolve with your business objectives.

Virtual Events


Communications Platforms with Year-Round Content


‘Experience’ matters

We challenge the digital congress space with compelling concepts, explorable and immersive environments, and engaging experiences that take visitors on a guided journey. Discover new ways to connect with your customers through effective storytelling, more tailored interactions, and impactful design.

See virtual platforms in a whole new way.

Engagement Tools

  • Live and On Demand programming

  • Symposia

  • Meet the Experts

  • Education

  • Demos

  • Video & Live Chat

  • Digital Library

  • Break-out Rooms

  • Polls, Surveys & Quizzes

  • Gamification

  • KOL interviews

  • Videos and animations

Make your audience wonder what’s coming next?


More than pretty

Powerful design catches attention and keeps it. Our creatives are known for producing striking visuals that evoke emotion and incorporating emerging tech innovations to enhance experiences. Every design has a purpose—reinforcing your brand, solving a problem, answering the most important customer question— ‘What’s in it for me?’


If no one knows, no one comes.

Reach your audience—and deliver content that makes them care. Our experts know how to build interest for virtual events by developing strategic communications plans that resonate with your customers—leveraging the power of social media, email marketing, custom web pages and more.


What worked? What didn’t?

Take advantage of advanced reporting and analytics to monitor attendance, interest, and participation to gain valuable insights and optimize results. We are here to help you assess, review, and pivot if needed


No more one and done.

Maximize your investment by turning your event platform into a comprehensive communications platform that keeps performing with year-round content. Everything is customized so you can add features, adapt environments, and refine for future events, while creating more touchpoints on the customer journey.

  • Web TV:

    Deploy a content generation machine that connects live with people around the world by broadcasting your latest and greatest headlines in a digital news style format.

  • eConnections:

    Provide a unique opportunity for customers to network and gain valuable advice from leading experts in your industry with our scheduling and virtual meeting tool.

  • ePresenter:

    Deliver more targeted content with our online tool that organizes your assets and enables sales reps to easily adapt presentations based on customer profiles and questions.

  • After Event Campaigns:

    Build on your momentum with a monthly renewable campaign that generates ongoing traffic to your platform.

  • KOL Interview Rooms:

    Use the power to persuade by providing education and expertise from key opinion leaders in your field, with informative videos and articles that support your brand.

  • After Event Campaigns:

    Build on your momentum with a monthly renewable campaign that generates ongoing traffic to your platform.


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