What we know

  • Year-over-year, delegate booth attendance is declining.
  • Exhibitions are also becoming more expensive each year.
  • As marketing budgets tighten, proof of ROI has never been more important.


The game plan

Despite what we know, congress and tradeshow participation can still be of significant value to your brand. But to take full advantage of that value, you have to be efficient—and a little crafty. The key is to get more out of every interaction, and there are a few main ways to accomplish that:


Communications planning

Successful communication begins far before—and persists well after—the actual days of the show. Aside from the prep and planning that goes into any congress, it’s vital to expand the scope of communications before your event, and your follow up activities afterward.

For example, obtain a list of your key targets—people going to the event. Try sending out a personalized invitation to your booth, educational symposium, or lounge you may be sponsoring. Give them your booth number, and let them know what to expect. If they know to look for you, they’re much more likely to seek you out.

More generally, think of your booth exhibit as the centerpiece of a miniature campaign. As with any campaign, it comes in phases. First, you gather attention and establish demand. Then, you call your audience to action by visiting your booth. Afterwards, be sure to make plans to follow up immediately—while the memory of their awesome experience is still fresh in their minds.


Leveraging channels

Sometimes, you’ll be lucky enough to have access to a list of attendees to your show—and sometimes not. Using whatever resources available to you (email, LinkedIn, or a medium run by the congress), make sure that the message of your campaign comes across in a consistent—but not redundant—way. Build your case as a story. Stories have parts. Position your show as the climax of this narrative.



Maximizing use of materials in/out of congress

Your company probably has some promotional materials already. But are they right for this show? If so, will you need a supplement to tell the full story? Are the materials specific enough to your campaign message to support your theme? If not, how will you get what you need before it’s show time?

Conversely, what will happen to these materials—be they brochures, videos or animations, or interactive digital collateral—after the show is over? Do you have something to send to your visitors as a thank you and follow up? If you are creating new materials, can they be used on your website or social media? The more mileage you’re able to squeeze out of your resources, the further you can make your marketing dollars go—and the better performance you’ll be able to achieve.


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