When getting interviewed for a job, you do your homework and learn about the company in question. Since then – if you are recruited – you just start the workflow and rarely take the time to understand how everything started. I had this opportunity.

Itai and Ziv built Tamooz, a global marketing agency, with 65 employees, a strong healthcare expertise, working with the major actors in the market. I recommend the reading below to any marketer or designer as you will learn about how maintaining consistency in your creativity.

How did everything start?

We have studied together, in the same class, at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem (from which graduated world-renowned industrial designer Ron Arad and sculptor Yaacov Agam). Tamooz started in 1993 and rapidly gained an expertise in exhibitions and events.

How can you explain that Tamooz is still here 20 years after? How can you explain that Tamooz is still creative after 20 years?

First of all, everything in design is about being creative and up-to-date. Our team of in-house experts has the capacity to study and analyze very quickly by visualizing. As a global marketing agency, we are constantly around the globe, aware of the new trends. The only thing that changed is that Pinterest replaced all the exhibition magazines we were subscribing to. Also, our creativity is possible and even empowered by the process we have established internally. All our departments work together in order to learn, understand and meet our clients’ challenges and objectives, develop the messaging hierarchy and deliver all the materials on time.

How can you explain that even if the world is getting digital, exhibitions and tradeshows are still the main source of lead generation?

Digitalization is not replacing materialization – it is totally compatible and offers an additional channel. The main change during the last decade is the switch from giant events into more segmented ones but exhibitions will remain vital thanks to the quality of leads they generate. Nothing will replace a face-to-face meeting as this is the only hub where you can find all your potential partners. In the healthcare industry, physicians need to be up-to-date as they are facing rare (or very rare) diseases – alone from one side, and patients being more aware of their disease and the options they have from another. Exhibitions and events enable them to fill the gaps and reinforce the awareness. Each and every one is still the place to be!

Which challenges do you think marketers are facing today?

Digital is definitely the main challenge as it is totally changing the healthcare industry, moving it from a B2B orientation into B2B2C (Business-to-Business-To-Consumer).Tamooz is already there as we offer applications for patients and HCPs and other tailored solutions.

What is your vision for Tamooz in 2016?

Our vision is still the same from the very beginning – we are looking for excellence. This goes together with creativity, and this is why we are focusing on the healthcare industry. We are working on reaching the top of the highest mountain.

The opening of our new offices in London in 2015 and in Minneapolis this year, is demonstrating that vision: providing ourselves the tools to be the best and building strong relationships with our clients.