5 things ‘Star Wars’ can tell us about digital storytelling

Working on any digital project comes down to many of the same problems: how to build a story, what experience you want to deliver, and how to get the buzz to create success. What can the galaxy far, far away tell us about digital storytelling?

From Print to Digital

If you’ve been on a business trip to a conference there’s a good chance you’ve finished the day with a bag overflowing with brochures, booklets, and articles. What did you do with them? If you say you read each one before neatly organizing them on your shelf, forgive us if we don’t believe you. Maybe… Continue reading From Print to Digital

CES: Not just for geeks any more

The International Consumer Electronics Show, CES, is no longer the place where you run just to see Sony’s latest PlayStation. CES is about shaping our future: smart homes, new drones, connected devices – this is the place to With more than 3,600 exhibitors, CES attracts more than 150,000 attendees from 150 countries every year, including… Continue reading CES: Not just for geeks any more

From our Founders: How to Maintain Creativity after 20 Years

When getting interviewed for a job, you do your homework and learn about the company in question. Since then – if you are recruited – you just start the workflow and rarely take the time to understand how everything started. I had this opportunity. Itai and Ziv built Tamooz, a global marketing agency, with 65… Continue reading From our Founders: How to Maintain Creativity after 20 Years