Your business is full of stakeholders—people whose opinions and decisions make a significant impact on your bottom line. But it’s always easy to maintain a balanced, healthy relationship with everyone in the midst of a sometimes-chaotic business life. So we decided to bring in our resident expert on the subject—John Dunne, Minneapolis Strategic Account Manager—to get a few basic tips on how you can keep your stakeholders happy, and your projects humming along.


Tip 1: Understand your audience

Whether it’s a client, an internal team, or a vendor—you  need to understand who you’re talking to and what their paradigms are. What are their goals? How are those goals being measured and evaluated? From what angle do they approach problems? Do your homework, and If you can answer these questions, you’ll have a much better understanding of your work with them.


Tip 2: Think ahead

Timelines, deliverables, and potential hurdles—the importance of thinking ahead cannot be understated. If you can anticipate problems, you’ll come to the table with solutions before they arise, which means lower stress levels, and happier stakeholders.


Tip 3: Anticipate stakeholder needs

People will tell you what they want—but what is it they really need? If you understand the big picture, you can advise on what would make a project or campaign stronger. You come to the table as a partner, which shows your stakeholder that you approach their priorities with authenticity and respect. You can cultivate a lot of goodwill this way.


Tip 4: Communicate clearly

With the ever-increasing speed of business, this is essential. As information comes in or changes, you need to be able to disseminate and communicate it clearly to all stakeholders in the project. If you already understand your audience (tip #1), you’ll know that each stakeholder communicates differently, and will value certain pieces of information over others. How will you adjust your communication to account for this?


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