They say that people who need people are the luckiest people in the world. Luckily, we all need people—which I suppose makes us all the luckiest—which, in turn, renders the adage entirely meaningless. Forget I even brought it up.

A common problem organizations face is that their teams too-often consist of people who fill roles, instead of thriving within them, diminishing the group’s potential to truly shine. One place this is most relevant is during a congress or trade show exhibition—where your representatives actively shape the reality of your brand to those who interact with them. It’s well-understood that members of an exhibit team should be able to gel for a successful showing, but how do you know you’re building a team of thrivers instead of fillers? It starts with the right balance of strengths. Here are the 4 must-have people for your congress exhibit team.



In early, out late, and always caffeinated. They’re the go-to utility player you need to bring energy to the task at hand—whether that’s a last-minute supply run, or heavy-duty networking.

Meticulous Martha

A place for everything, and everything in its place. This person plans for the unplanned, and has a backup in case that doesn’t work. This person brings flow to your show from behind the scenes, and will take down your to-do lists with the grace and efficiency of an Olympic wrestler.

Conceptual Carl

This is the idea person. He or she sees the big picture, and can enthusiastically explain it—in several different iterations—to anyone who’ll listen. Include him or her in your brainstorming and planning meetings, and watch your brand come to life.

The Schmooze

This person has the gift of gab—easily turning an anecdote about a trip to the grocery store into a gripping 1 act solo performance piece. Not just talkative, this person can listen with their whole body, making complete strangers leave the room feeling like close family—second cousins at least.

Solid teamwork is essential for any company event. Is your team as complete as it should be? At Tamooz, we work hard to tell your ideal brand story—no matter the medium. If you’d like more detailed information about marketing, branding, or exhibiting; be sure to follow our blog, and visit us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Or—to get better acquainted—give us a call at +1 612 234 1153 (US), +44 7 835 160 205 (UK), +972 3 681 8885 (IL), or [email protected].