If you’re attending a trade show or congress this year—and planning to provide your own booth support—you’ll face a very long list of to-dos. Registration, badges, booth setup, lighting, etc. are all on your plate, and (understandably) top-of-mind. But we’re not here to talk about the big, obvious stuff today. Through many years of exhibit management, we’ve noticed that there are certain things exhibitors commonly find themselves in need of, but rarely ever have on hand. Below is a quick list of these items—compiled so that you can succeed where others have failed. Here are the 10 most overlooked essentials for your trade show packing list.

1. Flashlight

Every exhibit has nooks, crannies, and crevices that will need occasional illumination. Better to lose a $2 flashlight into one of them than your brand-new iPhone.

2. Tape

Whether it’s gaffer’s, duct, or basic Scotch tape—too much is just about right.

3. Cash

For parking, food, or an emergency supply run—there is often no substitute for cold, hard, cash-in-hand.

4. Water

Good hydration will minimize the vocal fry that invariably happens after a full day of schmooze. Keep some water tucked away for a quick sip between engagements.

5. Breath mints

If you’re putting in the effort to get face-to-face at an event, don’t complicate things with an unsolicited encore of the garlic duck sauce from the commissary. Your team—and your audience—will thank you.

6. Extension cords

“Electricity everywhere, but not a Watt to use…” Paraphrasing a bit, but pretty sure that’s how that goes. Keep a few extra cords handy, in the event you encounter an unanticipated need for the juice.

7. First aid kit

Careful as you are, accidents happen. Prepare for this eventuality by keeping the basics on hand (bandages, antibiotic ointment, gauze, tourniquets, bone saw, etc.).

8. Anti-bacterial hand gel

We’d love to say that everyone you meet practices good, common-sense hygiene. We’d really love to say that.

9. Extra batteries

As the playwright George Bernard Shaw is famously misquoted, “Always remember your extra batteries.” And those hallowed words are as true today as they weren’t then. Whether for keyboards, mice, lamps, or remotes—you’ll be glad you listened to George.

10. Stain remover

You’re not a slob—you’re very careful. If only everyone were as fastidious as you are. Keep the Tide pen handy, and be the hero you always knew you could be.

As you know, a lot goes into making sure your congress or trade show exhibition is a success, and we hope you’ve found these tips helpful. At Tamooz, we work hard to tell your ideal brand story—no matter the audience. If you’d like more detailed information about marketing, branding, or exhibiting; be sure to follow our blog, and visit us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Or—to get better acquainted—give us a call at +1 612 234 1153 (US), +44 7 835 160 205 (UK), +972 3 681 8885 (IL), or [email protected].