With a dizzying array of choices, finding the right agency partner for your healthcare organization can be a challenging process. Every shop is different—with varying sizes, capabilities, backgrounds, and industries of focus. But we believe that companies in the healthcare sector deserve to work with specialists in their line of work. Here’s why:


What you do is unique

Healthcare organizations live in a complex, highly-regulated system of stakeholders, influencers, and decision-makers. And they face growing systemic challenges which differ significantly depending on where they operate in the global market. Because of these diverse challenges and varied audiences, brand communication must be—at once—strategically segmented, fully aligned, and emotionally resonant.

Your customers have a complicated purchasing process

The message that successfully influences a physician to recommend an implanted device to his or her patient will differ in some very important ways from one that influences a person to buy a package of gummy bears.

1 product, 1 transaction, many audiences
Instead of a single purchasing party, there are many influencers that need to be addressed—with differing key points to hit for each. Some favor a clinical story (e.g. physicians), while others will favor an economic one (e.g. payers).

You are still marketing to people
It’s important not to forget that emotion still has an important role in the process. Healthcare brands must be careful not to forsake their human voices in favor of dry, bulleted lists of technical features. Physicians may buy for clinical reasons, and payers for economic ones—but that doesn’t mean they can’t be influenced emotionally.

Your agency partner should fully understand your business

When projects are measured in billable hours, engaging an agency partner with the knowledge, intelligence, and commitment to truly dig in to your business can help you make the most of your budget—both by saving time, and producing a superior quality of work.

Verbal strategy leads the way
Every message your brand creates needs to be supported by factual claims—and is potentially subject to regulatory review. Not every agency is comfortable working this way, and the increased level of scrutiny may be enough to stifle the creative flow of shops that aren’t accustomed to it.

Delivery method makes a difference
When a significant portion of your value proposition is communicated through sales reps, it’s vital that they’re given the proper tools to do their job. More than sell sheets and brochures, your reps need to be conversant with the product, its key differentiating features, and the strongest emotional benefit it has to offer the marketplace. Their audience is bombarded with a lot of information on a daily basis, so the ability to get a compelling message across—and quickly—is key to their success.

Finding a partner that can help you craft strategically-aligned, emotionally-resonant messages can mean the difference between a muddled offering with flaccid impact, and a game-changing innovation that inspires genuine interest and excitement. At Tamooz, we work hard to tell your ideal brand story—no matter the audience. If you’d like more detailed information about marketing, branding, or exhibiting; be sure to follow our blog, and visit us on Twitter or LinkedIn. Or—to get better acquainted—give us a call at +1 612 234 1153 (US), +44 7 835 160 205 (UK), +972 3 681 8885 (IL), or [email protected].