As innovation is moving from just being cool (“I need the new iPhone because it’s new”) to meaningful (“This app makes my life better”), the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas definitely demonstrated this trend by the amount of healthcare management solutions on the show.

With the healthcare industry starting to position patients in the center of the care pathway, and the personalization of all the touchpoints they may have throughout this journey, the capacity of managing your healthcare with your smartphone becomes fundamental. Your phone, combined with wearable sensors, can now diagnose with “virtual check-ups” and even treat pain, stress and monitor diseases.

Among the solutions showcased at CES 2016, the French company VisioMed showcased its Bewell Connect solution – a range of health management tools including medical applications which enable to follow up body temperature, blood pressure, weight, physical activity, cardio-vascular activity, diabetes and auto-diagnostic at home (pregnancy test, ovulation). The app is then making the connection between the patient and the closest healthcare professional (this is already possible in France, and shortly in the United States).

During the past years, we have seen patients becoming more knowledgeable, searching online for information about their disease and the different options they have, and challenging healthcare professionals. If the information they were collecting online were usually generic, these new connected solutions and tools provide them now with even more data but this time – on themselves, in real time. If people used to check-up once or twice a year, they are now able to continuously monitor their body temperature, oxygen and heart rates along the year, and to share this information online with their physician.

Another example we saw at CES 2016 is Quell’s drug-free therapeutic technology which reduces pain by attaching smartphone-controlled patches to the muscles where patients feel pain, using neuromuscular stimulation. More and more start-ups are taking healthcare to the next level by integrating existing techniques and solutions to smartphones.

The icing on the cake is that insurance companies are warmly welcoming those solutions as they strongly reinforce telemedicine, reducing the number of physical interactions with doctors and nurses and, in extension – costs.

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