Despite what may seem like obsessive preparation, many exhibitors find themselves repeating these common errors at their tradeshows and congresses. Don’t be like them—read our handy list, and be victorious! Here are 5 common exhibitor mistakes—and how to avoid them.

1. Lack of preparation

How will you achieve your success? The process begins right now—while you still have a wide-angle perspective on the event—and before you become mired in the particulars.

Like any other part of your communication plan, approach the event with an understanding of how it fits your brand, and how it speaks to your objectives. You’ll never accomplish a goal you haven’t set.

2. Missing materials

Hand-outs. Giveaways. Business cards. That ubiquitous spin-wheel. Whatever your schtick, have your exhaustive punch list in-hand, and check it twice.

Then check it again. Then, call a local printer close to the event, and send them everything digitally—just in case you need an emergency print job.

3. Inadequate staffing

Do you plan to have people at your both? Like, more than one at a time? What if your most torrid trade show fantasy comes true, and your booth becomes engorged with people who want to know more about your widgets? What then?

Prepare for success. Pony up the dough to properly staff your booth, or risk wasting it all by making a poor impression.

4. Social media silence

For brands, social media is like exercise. Some take to it naturally, while others avoid it deliberately and completely. But most fall somewhere in the middle—they know they should be doing more, and may have spurts of activity where they go all-in—but ultimately find it difficult to keep their momentum.

Social discipline must be consistently applied in order to receive the benefits, and mention of your show participation should be a natural extension of this behavior.

5. Failure to debrief

When it’s all said and done, it really isn’t said and done at all. There’s still a very important step to take—and it’s too often overlooked. It’s time to sit down with your team over coffee, and discuss how things went.

Did you accomplish what you had set out to do? Why or why not? What could have been done differently? It’s one of those simple-yet-difficult disciplines that mark the difference between those destined for greatness, and—the sad majority.

Yes, there are many ways to go wrong. But with a little preparation, and a drop of elbow grease, you just might find yourself lightyears ahead of your competitors at your next exhibition.

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